About The Recover Clinic

“I find myself in a place that is safe"
- Recover Clinic Client

A very warm welcome to The Recover Clinic – we’re glad you found us and hope we can help you.

I set up the clinic in 2005 after working for several years as a clinician in the private sector. The focus for eating disorder treatment at that time (and sadly still in many cases) was all about the food and weight restoration – few appeared interested in the root causes of an eating disorder.

From my experience, I knew that resolving the root causes of the eating disorder was the key to recovery so I created a much more holistic program for my clients – including creative therapies, meditation, a chance to explore spirituality (whatever that might mean for the individual), alongside advice on nutrition, and the physical assessments which allow us to tailor our treatment to the individual.

Our clinic feels more like a home than a place of work, and the team and our clients are all part of the same community. We work with our clients to find solutions for healing, I don’t believe in trying to drag anyone through recovery. We have the most wonderful team of women who combine both clinical skill and deep levels of compassion and kindness and I’m immensely proud of all that we do.

If you think we could help you, please come and visit; we would love to meet you and see how we can work with you to transform your life.

Emmy Brunner, Owner and CEO

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We are the UK’s first and leading outpatient clinic providing holistic treatment for those suffering with trauma, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression and personality disorders.

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