Brighton Team

The Recover Clinic has opened a brand new eating disorder clinic in Brighton!

The new clinic follows the exact same approach we use at our clinic in London; creating tailored counselling programs for those suffering with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, body dysmorphia and EDNOS.

We’ve made sure to create a homely space that encourages a positive and loving outlook on recovery. Meet our wonderful team…

aliceAlice Goodwin
Clinical Director

Alice has worked at The Recover Clinic for two years. As a trained Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, Alice ran the creative and art therapy groups at The Recover Clinic in London, before assuming her role as Clinical Director in Brighton.

Alice has always been inspired by the amazing capacity of people to change and turn their lives around. She works psycho-dynamically which means looking at how the past affects the present as well as at what is happening in the here and now. She is a strong advocate of mindfulness and of letting the developing relationship between client and therapist guide the route to recovery.

When not working, Alice is out dancing, listening to music or walking by the sea. She loves Prince and being in the sunshine, and has a deep rooted love of Brighton and all of it’s colourful quirkiness.

Sally Brooker
Psychodynamic Therapist

sallyresolutionSally believes that the opportunity to challenge habitual behaviour patterns, re-examine beliefs, and explore buried feelings can allow for deep change to take place in ones life. She provides a safe and non-judgemental space working with her clients, where an authentic therapeutic relationship is central to the development of the work.

Whilst completing a professional training in classical ballet, Sally became interested in the psychological approaches involved in elite training and performance. She went on to complete a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and qualify as a Psychodynamic Therapist. She has worked within a variety of settings, including the NHS, private healthcare, education, advocacy and arts charities.

Sally enjoys all aspects of the arts with an eclectic taste taking her to a variety of gigs, performances and exhibitions. She has a weakness for beautifully designed stationary, handmade pottery and coffee.

Victoria Fernandes
Integrative Arts Psychotherapist

Victoria is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and artist.  She is passionate about empowering people through the creative arts process within the therapeutic relationship.  She feels that the ‘therapeutic relationship’ between client and therapist is key in creating change in a client’s life – be that emotional, psychological, physical or spiritual and that using the arts in therapy allows the unconscious to creatively express itself; the arts are a ‘bridge’ to the unconscious.  She works empathically building trust into the core of the therapeutic relationship.

Victoria is Anglo-Indian and her heritage influences her humanistic/holistic approach. She also works with the Chakras in Meditation and Mindfulness groups where she promotes the healing of the ‘whole’ person from within.

Outside work she loves to paint, visit art galleries, travel, socialise with family/friends and stroll along the seafront (whilst trying to avoid the over exuberant seagulls!).

Lucy Marsh

Lucy is a Dramatherapist and has a Masters degree in this as well as a Bachelors in Drama and Physical Theatre. She has worked with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of NHS, schools, private and social care settings. She uses the healing power of storytelling and metaphor to help initiate therapeutic transformation, and works with the body through the use of movement and rhythm.

Aside from her therapeutic work, Lucy has worked in a wide range of industries, and been involved in many creative projects which has provided her with a varied set of skills and experiences.

In her spare time she enjoys visiting theatres and museums, exploring new places, and finding a seat with a view to read a good book.

Belle Amatt
Nutritional Therapistbelle-resolution

Belle has a BA in English Literature, a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University and a background in teaching. These skills are blended in order to offer sound nutritional knowledge and motivation to establish healthy eating patterns. Whilst leading Child Weight Projects in Sussex, Belle gained plenty of insight into common causative factors of Eating Disorders and developed a keen interest in this area.

Belle runs workshops on healthy eating topics in West Sussex clinics and schools, and lectures on Naturopathic Nutrition. She writes articles and e-books on topics of role-modelling and health.

Fond of the countryside, Belle lives in the South Downs with her partner, daughters and two much-loved cats. She also loves mini coopers, listening to jazz, mountain biking anywhere muddy and travelling in search of delicious cuisine, decent coffee and good wine– (so loves France – just happens to be closest!).

Jade Hunt
Healthcare Assistant

Jade has always worked in people-facing roles as this is what she enjoys the most! Having grown up in a busy family home with her parents who fostered children for many years, she has the ability to gel with people from all different backgrounds.

Jade has worked for the NHS within a Mental Health Commissioning team, enabling her to get a better insight into the medical side of mental health. She feels that it is very important to treat the route cause of the issue, and to work with the mind, body and soul to enable a full and healthy recovery. Jade has aspirations to train as a psychotherapist, and is very grateful to be working with such a strong team.

In her spare time she likes to go for walks with her dog Reggie (who is a crazy cavapoo!), and loves to cook for friends and family (especially indian food!). She also likes to mediate, do yoga and paddle board.

Silvana Margereson
Clinic Administrator

Silvana has spent the last 10 years working with the Rock Clinic based in East and West Brighton. She was the first port of call for all clients phoning and arriving at the clinic. No matter what the clients were going through, Silvana offered compassion, understanding patience and humour; qualities she hoped would settle their anxieties.

Silvana has always encouraged people to reach out when necessary. She brings all these qualities to her role at The Recover Clinic, where she looks forward to a new team and new challenges! She has come to realise that we are all just “humans, being”.

Silvana lives in Brighton with her husband and teenage daughter. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and socialising as much as she can!