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What is The Recover Clinic?

The Recover Clinic is an outpatient eating disorders clinic which opened its doors in 2007 – the realisation of a dream by owner and Director, Emmy Brunner, to create an eating disorder treatment model tailored to the ‘whole person’: body, mind and spirit.

Emmy spent many years working as a clinician in the sector and found that too often treatment was concerned only with food and recovery from the physical symptoms – rather than looking at the root causes of an eating disorder.

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What is different about Recover?

The holistic program that The Recover Clinic offers includes creative therapies, meditation, spiritual exploration, movement therapy, drama therapy, CBT, nutrition and much more, alongside the physical assessments. Their recovery rate among their graduates (those who have completed The Recover Clinic program) is 100%.

Emmy Gilmour, Clinical Director of The Recover Clinic

Emmy Brunner, Owner & Director of The Recover Clinic

Interview the Founder & Director, Emmy Brunner MA PgDip BA Hons

Emmy Brunner is a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Recovery Coach and Entrepreneur. She empowers women to lead bigger, bolder lives. She has presented talks and run workshops around the world on the treatment of eating disorders.

Emmy enables those fighting against themselves to find an inner peace that carries them through every life milestone. She teaches people how to be completely themselves; free to explore, to love and to fail.

Emmy is a qualified psychotherapist with more than 15 years’ experience in trauma and mental illness. She is the founder of the Recover Clinic, the UKs leading Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia Disorder outpatient service, and the only outpatient clinic in Europe that provides tailored treatment. Emmy’s unique approach focuses on the individual behind the illness, not just the physical symptoms.

Throughout her career, Emmy has discovered remarkable patterns in the ways women are conditioned to respond to trauma and life-challenges. She’s devoted her life to sharing her learnings with sufferers and has created an approach to the treatment of mental illness that aims to empower individuals and help them strive for holistic balance.

Call 0845 603 6530 or email if you need a quote from Emmy for your feature or to arrange an interview.

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