How do we give ourselves permission to eat after years of restriction?

Our Nutritional Therapist, Belle, shares tips on how to reclaim intuitive eating…

Giving yourself the green light around food is a vital step to reaching intuitive eating enlightenment. And so exploring how this can be achieved is very important.

It’s unlikely to be an overnight miracle, instead something we can work upon by tapping into our personal fears and learning from others’ recovery stories.

What are your fears? The reframing of negative thoughts (commonly around weight gain, loss of control and fat distribution) is a good starting point. Our bodies are robust, but they will only take so much until they cry out for care and nourishment. Therefore, concentrating on healthy signs, re-growth and renewal is beneficial.

To give you an example, reframed thoughts may sound like:“Food is for healing”, “Food is nourishment NOT numbers”, “MY BODY needs restoration NOT restriction”.

Positive thoughts such as these need to be drawn upon constantly, as if we have a ‘fairy godmother’ tapping us on the shoulder whenever we are in doubt. In the absence of the fairy godmother we need to create this consistent flow of prodding and reminding ourselves.

I read an interesting blog post recently called ‘How Post-It notes Cured my Ice-Cream Obsession‘. We can learn from this story in which the writer reframes her past post-it notes of negativity (for example, “A Moment on the lips a Life-time on the Hips!”) and creates a stream of new and empowering ones, such as: “You have Permission to Eat Ice-Cream!” “This is NO Big Deal”, “This is Totally Allowed”.

Overtime she loses her fear of opening an ice-cream pot and learns to eat her once forbidden food moderately and without guilt. The post-it notes are a big part of her healing, perhaps because she took control of her thoughts and consistently challenged them.

How about trying this strategy out with your own challenging foods? Write your own post-it notes and start sticking them on all the foods which were once forbidden, but are now finding their way into your cupboards or fridge. You could get quite lyrical with it, I’m thinking – “Go Go Go with the Avocado” or “I’m having NO scuffle with this chocolate truffle”! Even – “I am at One with this scone”, “I am out of this rut with the Nut!” The possibilities are endless!

Keep in mind the following key words to push further towards Intuitive Eating:

Challenge – Persistence – Self-belief – Determination – A Sense of Worth – Empowerment – Strength – Hope – Faith – Self-care – Patience

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