Finding your Wild Woman

When we talk to clients about whether they have connected with their ‘Wild Woman’ they, quite frankly, look at us as though we are totally mad.  Inspired by the great Clarissa Pinkola Estes, myself and the other members of our team both worship and adhere to the idea that each of us have a ‘wild woman’ within us.

Historically the word ‘wild’ draws forth predominantly negative connotations, particularly when used in reference to a person.  It means unruly, irresponsibile and out of control.  When we use the word ‘wild’ in the context of the Wild Woman we are referring to the core of every woman’s being: her muddy earth, her sexual self, her maternal, nuturing self.  So many of us see glimmers of our Wild Woman but over time we have ignored her or never even had a sense of her existence.  One of the voices our Wild Woman uses to try to communicate with us is with instinct.

As young women we all have a voice that tries to guide us, some us call that voice a conscience, some call it a gut feeling but we all know it exists.  In our youth buy propecia online when we make decisions about the direction our lives are headed we are often faced with a number of different things that influence our choices; friends, family, education, culture, in the midst of these influences we made choices and all the while that instinct/conscience/gut feeling is at work trying to guide us in the right direction but rarely do we listen to it.  How many of us have pursued something even though something deep inside us tells us not to?  The answer is all of us.  This is part of the journey of youth of course, we make mistakes, we learn.  We hope.  However, so many of us make it into our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and onwards still making decisions and ignoring the voice of our Wild Woman who is still there, trying to protect us, trying to steer us toward the light.

This is just one example of the presence of the Wild Woman in our lives.  Part of the work that we do is showing you your Wild Woman, teaching you to hear her cry and helping you to nuture and free this part of yourself.

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