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We’ve created Recover & Me to address the growing number of eating disorder cases in the UK, and to recognise the lack of treatment available to an increasing number of sufferers.

The app serves as gateway treatment for those who are not yet ready, or who are reluctant, to seek professional help.

In contrast to some of the ‘tough love’ treatments often employed, Recover & Me is more holistic: promoting self-love, compassion and confidence, which are key to recovery. Each feature of the app has been developed to reflect the unique therapeutic techniques of The Recover Clinic.

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All about Recover & Me

Similar to the direct therapy sessions Emmy uses at the clinic, these videos focus on educating and empowering the user, so they can make decisions that nurture self-love and self-care on a daily basis throughout their whole journey.

Each of the 17 sessions includes a video, corresponding meditation (below), a written explanation of the session, and an action for the user to complete (such a vision board, affirmations, or letter to their inner child) before moving onto the next video session.

My Journal is a diary space that users can use every day to log their thoughts and feelings during recovery.

It’s a great way to stay mindful, by providing an outlet for those hard-to-sit-with emotions. By finding a safe means of expression, sufferers are not so dependent upon their eating disorder as a coping mechanism.

Provided prompts allow users to think outside the world that the eating disorder has created.

In the clinic, daily meditation is a integral part of our program.

As many times a week as possible, users are encouraged to find a space to be peaceful for 15-20 mins. This is essential if they wish to become master of their thoughts, and take time to focus the mind on what they really want to achieve in their recovery.

Visualising your future, absent of the eating disorder, is a really powerful part of the process.

We’ve noticed that other recovery apps fixate a lot of attention on food, sometimes perpetuating an unwell obsession with it.

In contrast, this is a space to note down any thoughts or feelings that arise related to the user’s body and nutrition. Reconnecting with one’s body can be difficult in recovery, but the Nurture Log encourages users to focus on the related emotions and sensations, not just the food.

The Log provides prompts such as: Today my food was…My challenges were…My successes were…My body felt…

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