Recover & Me: Our App

We’re launching Recover & Me – a ground-breaking new app to coincide with Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017!

In contrast to the ‘tough love’ treatments often employed, this app is more holistic: promoting self-love, compassion and confidence. The app includes:

  • 17 Therapeutic Video Sessions from Emmy herself
  • Recovery Actions: to implement into your day-to-day that foster self-love and self-care
  • Meditations: to encourage finding space and time to yourself
  • Nurture Log: to record feelings about your food and body
  • Daily Journal: a safe space to record inner thoughts that may otherwise be expressed in disordered behaviours

Grace Victory, an award-winning blogger, YouTuber and body image campaigner, is a current client of The Recover Clinic and is thrilled that the launch of Recover & Me will mean that more people get access to their expertise.

“The Recover Clinic’s approach is something I wish so many people could experience. There are literally no words to describe the care, dedication and expert advice I have since becoming a part of this spiritual family.

The new Recover App will give many people all over the world the chance to really understand their illness and to receive advice that actually helps. I’m super excited for the launch and to have great support at the touch of a button.”

Upcoming features include:

  • Panic Button: for those moments when you’re really struggling
  • Recover & Us: a forum and community of support


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