Family & Friends’ Stories

It is always helpful to hear from people who are going through the same thing as you.

Here we share the stories of the family and friends of those dealing with eating disorders – and how they have tackled this rocky journey.


“I am a proud and grateful parent of Ellie, whose story is beautifully told in the video on the home page of this site.  I would like to add a family perspective on the experience of working through anorexia with Recover Clinic.

“Recover work as a team: although a wonderful, caring therapist was assigned to Ellie and stayed with her throughout her journey, building a genuine bond of friendship and support, I always felt that there was a managed program working towards the goal of complete recovery.

“This therapy requires financial investment, which can be daunting.  As the months passed with the inevitable ups and downs, I was sometimes tempted to try another approach but whenever frank discussions took place, Recover impressed with professional knowledge and commitment.  They were always open to challenge and justifiably confident in their experience.

“We have been very fortunate customers of the Recover Clinic.”

  Ellie’s parent

“Myself and my husband attended the Friends & Family Workshop at The Recover Clinic when we were seeking support to deal with our 19 year old daughter’s Anorexia.

“The workshop itself was extremely informative but the therapist running the workshop also gave us plenty of time to ask questions about our specific circumstances – this was by far the most helpful thing of all… a specialist who was there to listen and advise us about how to deal with the day-to-day challenges of caring for our daughter.

“It was also such a relief to meet and share our experiences with other people who were going through similar things.”

Angela McFadden, Mother of 3, Kent

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