Body Image

This group is a chance for you to examine and challenge your view of your physical self.

Poor body image is a common symptom of eating disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). The constant self-criticism can make you feel anxious, worthless and depressed.

Our feelings towards our bodies emerge as we grow older and are a combination of social messages and learned beliefs. If these feelings become destructive, it is important to identify them and learn how to challenge them.

Through this group you will look at how to…

  • focus on the positive – get rid of the blame and shame and celebrate the best bits about you and your life
  • dress to impress (yourself) –  express your sense of style, find clothes that make you feel good to boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • live by your own ideals – you don’t have to conform to what society says is beautiful – what do you think beauty means – inside and out?
  • reach self-acceptance – accept your body for what it is and what it allows you to do. Love it and care for it.

As you explore these ideas, our therapists will offer you the role model of a woman who is confident in her own skin but sensitive to the challenge of being a woman.

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