Our Meditation group offers you a safe space where you can get some distance from the thoughts and ideas that fuel eating disorders.

How important is meditation for recovery from an eating disorder?

Our Director, Emmy says:

“Meditation is a crucial part of recovery”

Eating disorders are negative, thought-based illnesses. If you’re suffering from one, you’ll find your body and brain go into overdrive to keep up with the battle you’re waging against yourself.

Meditation gives you a chance to

  • relax
  • step back
  • challenge your thoughts

When you meditate you become more aware of the sensations in your body. This is so important if you’re suffering from an eating disorder as it helps you to reconnect with your body, listen to its needs and in the end, heal it.

Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to challenge destructive and negative thoughts and develop feelings of self-compassion.

Through this group, you can hope to find a new perspective on life and tools for nurturing yourself.

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