Social Issues

Many of our clients find it tough to build or keep up an intimate relationship with others.

Our Social Issues group gives you the time to develop an attitude towards yourself and others that doesn’t judge, and address social situations that make you anxious, for example:

  • dating
  • family gatherings
  • work
  • university

You can bring up social situations that have been difficult for you in the past – and get the group’s thoughts on where things went wrong and how you could have handled it differently.

You can also share your worries about future events, and seek advice on how to prepare for and deal with them.

Hear from one of our clients

“The first group on Monday morning was Social Issues, which I had been curious about. […] Do we leave the clinic? Is it about issues with society? What does it even mean to be sociable? […]

“Social Issues allows you to talk and deal with any worries you may have to allow you to approach and have a more enjoyable and relaxed experience at future social events.”

Read more about our client’s thoughts on the Social Issues group in ‘My First Experience of The Recover Clinic (Part 2)’.

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