Spiritual Group

Spiritual group is a time to explore your beliefs about yourself, about the world, about the existence of a higher power and what that might be.

It isn’t about a particular religion, although there will be the chance to discuss and debate religion if this works for the members of the group.

Through this group you will start to

  • develop a more intimate relationship with yourself
  • question the external forces that influence you – from friends and family to education and religion
  • talk about what it means to be a woman in today’s world
  • find out who you really are
  • move towards a place of love and happiness

A client says:

“We all walked up the stairs, along with candles and blankets. We all sat down and were told to shut our eyes. I then heard soft, relaxing music being played. I remember repeatedly opening one eye, just to see what was going on. I had never been in this situation before. I remember thinking, if only my friends knew what I was doing right now, they wouldn’t believe it.”

“Spiritual Group has [been], and always will remain one of the safest groups I have been in.”

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