Eating Disorder Therapists in the East of England

These are our partner eating disorder counsellors in the East of England.


Rose Driscoll


Mobile: 07873 206 407

You may have spent years wrestling with yourself to try and ignore something that has been nagging at you; you may be confused about how or what you’re supposed to be feeling and who you are. You may be in pain and unable to make sense of why. Anger, depression and anxiety can overwhelm our lives and make us miserable; we all need help to manage these times. I listen most carefully to what you tell me; this helps me to understand you and I can then help you to manage yourself. I can help you to think.

I will respect who you are and you will find me approachable and warm. I feel immensely privileged that clients feel they can come and trust me enough to tell me about their doubts and fears and it is very important to me that the therapy is going well for them and that their individuality is respected. I love my work and realise there is always more to learn. Research and my own experience suggests that at the heart of a good experience for clients is a warm, open and sensitive relationship with their therapist.


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