Movement Group (DMP)

Anyone struggling with an eating disorder has a difficult and often very damaged relationship with their body. DMP sessions address this complicated relationship and focus on the connection between the mind, body and emotions. They are designed to facilitate a healthier self- image and sense of physical freedom, which most sufferers of eating disorders are in need of, regardless of which eating disorder they are struggling with.


DMP is not a dance class or a competition, there is no choreography to learn and a person who has never danced can be helped by it as much as a trained dancer. The group focuses on bringing what is inside ‘out’ through movement and giving clients another ‘language’ through which to express themselves.


Sessions run with a similar format to a ‘normal’ psychotherapy process group, beginning with a verbal check in. We then progress to a gentle physical warm up, which usually incorporates breathing, stretching and mobilizing exercises. This continues into a themed movement exploration, which facilitates a physical response to something related to the check in or a particular theme. Finally, we come together for a reflective discussion on the process, which may include the use of creative writing or art. Clients need to wear loose comfortable clothing in order to move and be willing to explore creatively.



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