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Every day at The Recover Clinic brings new experiences, challenges and emotions in the battle to overcome eating disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Hear from our therapists, our clients, and others struggling with these illnesses as they share their stories and advice.

Christmas Coping Groups

Christmas Coping Groups

Christmas Coping Groups

Hi everyone, This year we are running two Christmas Coping Groups.  The groups will focus on lots of the issues that many of you have shared with us that you have struggled with over the festive period. These will include: food  relationships time They will be running at 1pm on Wednesday 12th December and Thursday 13th December.  Spaces are limited …

Finding your Wild Woman

Finding your Wild Woman

Finding your Wild Woman

When we talk to clients about whether they have connected with their ‘Wild Woman’ they, quite frankly, look at us as though we are totally mad.  Inspired by the great Clarissa Pinkola Estes, myself and the other members of our team both worship and adhere to the idea that each of us have a ‘wild woman’ within us. Historically the …

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