Working With Eating Disorders

If you are a professional working with eating disorders, you may have found us because you are looking for a suitable outpatient eating disorder treatment clinic to which you can refer your patient.

We would be more than happy to talk with you about how we work and the beliefs and values of the clinic to give you a better idea of whether we would be the right fit for your patient.

Call us on 0845 603 6530 or complete our short contact form to discuss referring your patient.

Professional working in academic or healthcare organisation

Alternatively, you may work in a setting such as a school or fitness centre where you need to offer support to those who suffer from or are at risk of developing an eating disorder or similar mental illness.

If this sounds like your position, we can give training and run workshops tailored to your needs, those of your staff, or those of the people you work with (for example, students).

Find out more about our training and workshops

Get in touch

If you have any queries about how to help sufferers or potential sufferers of eating disorders or Body Dysmorphic Disorder, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: call us on 0845 603 6530 today or fill in our short contact form.