‘The Key to Eating Disorders’ Workshop.

‘The Key to Eating Disorders’ Workshop.

What is The Recover Clinic’s ‘The Key to Eating Disorders’ Workshop?

The Key To Eating Disorders Workshops’ are a series of workshops that help people to discover ‘The Key’ to building long-term recovery strategies to eating disorders.


What do we do?

We provide a safe and tranquil setting where you gain useful insights into your eating disorder and how it is impacting upon your life.  Our team will help you to gently unpack the areas that you are finding most challenging and revisit them with insight, meaning and purpose.


What will you achieve?

-You will be taught a direct and active approach to change.  We will teach you ideas and techniques that will help you to manage eating disordered thoughts and behaviors.

-You will learn how to effectively manage your food.

-You will learn how to have a healthy & positive relationship with food.

-You will gain a sense of greater self-esteem and body confidence.

-You will gain a sense of self-empowerment.


How does it work?

Our retreats are run in small groups with a maximum of 15 participants and a minimum of two members of our clinical team.  Our retreats are a mixture of taught principles, group work and one to one guidance.  We can provide further support for those who are interested in further self-development.


When is our next workshop?

-Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates @ Shangri-La Hotel Spring 2013

-Manchester – England @ TownHouse Hotel  Spring 2013

-London – England @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel Summer 2013

-Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates Spring 2013  @ Shangri-La Hotel.


For reservations please contact ksumner@therecoverclinic.co.uk

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