The Recover Clinic is Europe’s leading specialist outpatient clinic (based in Soho, London) and international online recovery program, treating sufferers of trauma, depression, body dysmorphia, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, low self-worth and other mental health conditions or destructive behaviours, patterns and cycles. We reach out to people, rather than a diagnosis and we work collaboratively to create person-centred, holistic treatment plans that consider not just an illness, but also who that person is, their hopes and dreams, and what their specific needs might be. We believe in inspiring and empowering women to move beyond harmful coping strategies and to learn how to love who they really are. There is a freer, more meaningful future out there for you and our incredible team of clinicians are here to show you the way.

How We Can Help

We help individuals aged 16+ who identify as women, to heal from past wounds, current mental health condition(s), limiting beliefs and coping strategies. We support our clients to nurture a more compassionate relationship with themselves, physically and mentally restore their health and wellbeing, develop key life skills and reconnect with their true voice - their needs, their purpose, their passions, their confidence, their hopes/dreams and their independence.

What makes us unique is that we have been offering trusted and effective treatment that is designed around you, with you, since 2004; using a combination of evidence-based treatment with mindfulness practices to form a completely bespoke plan. While the consistent treatment methods that are being laid out all over the world aren't working for people, our holistic approach is massively impactful with a sustained recovery outcome success rate of over 90%.

You do not need to be in a place of crisis or to have received an official diagnosis to have a free assessment with one of our expert clinical advisors; just recognising that something isn't quite right is enough to reach out to us and embark on your journey to a more joyful, fulfilling life.