Recovery So Far

I have been at the Recover Clinic for 6 months now after 12 long years of desperately trying various treatment options. I tried everything: NHS, private, inpatient, and every conceivable therapy type; I even tried hypnotherapy and spiritual healing in my desperation to free myself from a lifetime of eating disorders and severe depression. However … Read more

Eating Disorders And Autism

A recent study has revealed that women suffering with anorexia display similar traits to autism. The research, which has been lead by Simon Baron-Cohen Ph.D. at Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre, has shown that female sufferers of anorexia have an above-average interest in systems and order, and below-average scores in empathy. This is similar in … Read more

Binge Eater’s Thoughts Aren’t So Different To Those Of An Anorexic

Binge Eating Disorder and Anorexia Nervosa appear to be on opposite ends of the eating disorder spectrum.  BED is characterised by a compulsive relationship with food resulting in periods of uncontrollable eating/bingeing whilst Anorexia Nervosa is characterised by obsessive thoughts about weight and appearance and compulsive behaviours around food leading to the restriction of food … Read more