Extending Kindness & Expressing Gratitude

Many of those struggling with eating disorders are plagued by negative thoughts drawing attention away from the positive aspects of their lives. It’s easy for an onlooker to say ‘think positive’ but achieving this may seem more difficult. Extending kindness and expressing gratitude should be part of our daily to-do list. Embodying an attitude of … Read more Extending Kindness & Expressing Gratitude

Body Clocks & Sleep

With the clocks having just changed, talking about our body clocks seems only appropriate.  Your body clock allows you to regulate between day and night.  It regulates timing of periods of sleepiness and wakefulness throughout the day synchronising the sleep cycle therefore enabling you to sleep when you’re supposed to be sleeping, rather than sleeping … Read more Body Clocks & Sleep

The Recover Clinic’s 30 day challenge

WHAT TO DO: 8 SIMPLE STEPS in week one:   Your unconscious mind remembers what you need to do. So sit quietly somewhere and ….   1. Set up your session space, comfort and intention. Decide how you want to experiment with the 10mins. Either simply tell your mind it is your intention to meditate … Read more The Recover Clinic’s 30 day challenge