Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

[author title=”Laura Muth” author_id=”Laura Muth”] Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) as a treatment for eating disorders is a relatively recent therapy with increasing amounts of success. This therapy postulates that most forms of psychological distress are linked to ‘experiential avoidance’. This refers to attempting to avoid painful situations and getting rid of disturbing or distressing … Read more Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Creative Therapy

[author title=”Ann Davis” author_id=”Ann Davis”] At the Recover Clinic, we view creativity as the antithesis of an eating disorder. Creative therapy helps you to connect with an authentic part of yourself, to express something unique to you and your experience in the world. Exploring your thoughts and feelings in imagery can offer distance and a … Read more Creative Therapy

Clinical Hypnosis as a Treatment

[author title=”Emmy Gilmour” author_id=”Emmy Gilmour”] When I began my hypnotherapy training I really knew very little about what hypnosis actually was. Like many people my experiences of hypnosis had been restricted to stage hypnosis and hypnotists seemed to be powerful and mystical beings. What I came to learn was that hypnosis is not something that … Read more Clinical Hypnosis as a Treatment

Making Yourself and Your Recovery a Priority

[author title=”Laura Muth” author_id=”Laura Muth”] Recovering from an eating disorder is possible; however it will take time, effort and dedication. It is important to recognise this and make time in your life to focus on your recovery and wellbeing. With ongoing dedication and a support network, you’ll be able to put recovery at the top … Read more Making Yourself and Your Recovery a Priority