Removing Toxic Friendships from our Lives

[author title=”Alice Goodwin” author_id=”Alice Goodwin”] What is a harmful or toxic friendship? We’ve probably all had some form of experience of harmful friendships at some point in our lifetime, but how exactly can we identify a toxic friend? Someone who perhaps brings you down, belittles you or expects a lot from you but isn’t there … Read more Removing Toxic Friendships from our Lives

Getting Rid of my Eating Disorder Once and For All

[author title=”Alia” author_id=”Alia”] [custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]February 18th, 2013. 7pm[/custom_headline] I was scared. Terrified, for the first time in ten years. Ten years of floundering, at the mercy of my eating disorder. Ten years of waging war against myself, physically and mentally. Ten years of living in an ever-deepening emotional deep freeze, and yet, … Read more Getting Rid of my Eating Disorder Once and For All

What is Normal Eating?

[author title=”Marissa-Catherine Carrarini” author_id=”Marissa-Catherine Carrarini”] During the Nutritional sessions at Recover, we teach our clients that there is no precise practice, diet plan or fashion that can be called normal eating. No matter what glossy magazines or diet book or TV shows or parents or so-called-experts say, normal eating is not about fulfilling any particular criteria. … Read more What is Normal Eating?

How do we Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships?

Author – Charlotte McLaughlin   More often than not our relationships are a reflection of our inner state. How we feel about ourselves can often be determined by the type of relationships we are choosing to invest our time and energy in. So clients in different stages of their recovery are often attracted to different … Read more How do we Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships?

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

[author title=”Laura Muth” author_id=”Laura Muth”] One in ten people in the UK will experience symptoms of an eating disorder at some point during their lifetime.   Eating Disorder Awareness Week takes place 23rd February -1st March and this gives us an opportunity to talk about eating disorders to increase awareness and understanding. [pullquote cite=”” type=”right”]Food … Read more Eating Disorder Awareness Week

A Letter to a Friend..

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”] Dear Bestie, [/custom_headline] It’s pretty much two years to the day since you breezed into my life; a ray of sunshine breaking through the darkness of my life. Now as I embark on the final stages of my recovery journey, it feels like the perfect time to say thank you. … Read more A Letter to a Friend..

Friends are the Family we Choose for Ourselves

Holding hands

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”] A Bit About Me…[/custom_headline] I have had an eating disorder from the age of 13, possibly even way before that, which is a long time considering I am about to celebrate my 32nd birthday next week. It feels weird to say those words, but, I am actually going to “celebrate” … Read more Friends are the Family we Choose for Ourselves