How Can We Challenge The Stigma Surrounding Depression?

Author title – Laura Muth   Did you know that a quarter of the population experience some form of mental health problem at some point during their life? More specifically, depression has one of the most prevalent mental illnesses, with 1 in 3 people experiencing depressive symptoms at some point during their lifetime. Sadly, despite … Read more

Relieving Shame And Cultivating Self-Compassion

Author – Laura Muth   Shame and eating disorders Individuals who have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma often become much more prone towards self-criticism. Therefore,  for those suffering with an eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder, self-loathing and self-judgement are familiar rituals. There is often a great deal of shame surrounding eating disorders. Shame can … Read more

How Forgiving Yourself And Others Will Set You Free

[author title=”Laura Muth” author_id=”Laura Muth”] Forgiveness is a decision by which a person ceases to blame or resent someone by letting go of lasting feelings of bitterness or anger. The act of forgiving both yourself and others can often be challenging. The majority of us need time to process the pain we have felt and therefore … Read more

On Womanhood

What does being a woman mean to me? If I’m honest, I could list a whole bunch of things being a woman means to me, but I don’t think I have a single definition I could make. Being a woman is something so complex, but such complexity comes from also just being a human being. … Read more