Changing Seasons Within Our Lives

As the seasons change and the clocks are turned back, there are many changes occurring in the clinic and in all of our lives. Moods may well change along with the weather; however, miserable weather does not need to mean a miserable you.  The law of attraction dictates that living your life with a poor … Read more

OCD Explained

Author – Lucy Bonner   Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) involves having obsessions and/or compulsions. It is an anxiety disorder which encompasses people having recurrent and persistent thoughts, images or urges or unwanted experiences.  People suffering with OCD usually tend to ignore their thoughts or urges by performing a compulsion.   OCD can be caused by … Read more

Why We Believe In Promoting Dignity In Mental Health

Across the world, thousands of people suffering from Mental Health conditions are deprived of their Human Rights. Not only are they discriminated against, stigmatised and disregarded, they are also subject to emotional and physical abuse from both the community and Mental Health facilities.  Every individual, no matter whether they have a mental illness or not … Read more