Resources For Your Recovery

Our treatment philosophy is built around the belief that full recovery is possible for everyone. This means that positive affirmations and empowerment is integral for everyone that comes to the clinic. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, it’s always beneficial to surround yourself with resources that encourage inner strength, and reinforce positivity … Read more

Finding Meaning In Life Without An Eating Disorder

Author -Anna Clutton   “Recovery” is a pretty scary word. Don’t get me wrong – it’s exciting, desperately hopeful, and ‘magical’ even, but it’s damn scary. When you start your journey it seems impossible, incoherent, totally unattainable – but slowly, very slowly, it opens up before you and becomes something you can touch (just a … Read more

Cinderella, A Recovery Version

Author title – Chrissy Kapartis   Princess Isla wasn’t always the calm, free presence that she is now. Her subjects remarked everyday with awe at her gentleness and kindness in ruling her kingdom. Such a loving woman must’ve had a loving upbringing, they thought. But Isla’s life wasn’t always so happy and pure. You see, … Read more