5 Years

It is always around October time, when I feel the first coldness in the air and the leaves starting to fall that, the clear sunny days that I remember. It is that change in season that takes me back and maybe always will do to a life changing experience that will always stay in my … Read more

Recovering From Diabulimia

First things first One of my fears before coming into treatment was that no one else in the clinic would be suffering from diabulimia and wouldn’t be able to understand my struggles. This was a perfectly rational fear because it is true that you come across less people in treatment without diabetes than with. However, … Read more

How To Be Ill

In light of World Health Day on the 7th April, we wanted to discuss the concept of self-care, and provide advice on how best to look after yourself when illness strikes. The rush of our day-to-day lives has meant that self-care has taken a backseat. It has reached a point where the pressure of deadlines, … Read more

Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards

I’m sitting in Holland Park on a beautiful, sunny, rare-for-London March day reflecting on my recovery journey so far. Often we don’t take the time to have a moment of looking back on our achievements and congratulating ourselves on how far we’ve come. For eating disorders sufferers- and just most people- it can be considered … Read more