Poem: Words from Mille

Mille has recently found expression through poetry. She kindly shares one of her first poems… This part, is the hardest part. To come face to face with the reality of my history. To begin to accept accepting it. To let go of holding on and to what has been. My experience. Trying to find, a … Read more

Poem: Falling Awake

Thank you to Anna, who shared this poem with us at her graduation…   Falling Awake – Sarah Henderson Suddenly the world is wide open I find I’m no longer confined   To the tiny hell I had constructed The walls I’d been hiding behind   I’m moving into something unknown This is so unfamiliar, … Read more

How To Identify Food Rituals

Nicole, one of our Nutritional Therapists, shares her insight on food rituals and how to identify them… Many times when someone has an eating disorder they can communicate by speaking “food” instead of English or their spoken tongue. Food, (like the human body) is tangible, meaning it can be seen, physically touched and manipulated and … Read more

Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion

Anger is one of those emotions that’s got a bad rep. Because we associate the feeling as coupled with conflict or raised voices, we tend to avoid and suppress it, masking it instead with more acceptable, positive emotions. This approach to anger is exacerbated when dealing with an eating disorder. In fact, eating disorders evolve … Read more