Psychodrama & Struggling With Conflict

Chrissy reflects on her powerful experience in Psychodrama group… I remember my first psychodrama session clearly. It was very small, consisting of only our therapist and two of us. I had binged the night before and I remember feeling so scared, lost and desperate- my eating disorder’s hateful thoughts about my body and the physical … Read more Psychodrama & Struggling With Conflict

My Journey Through Movement

  Marlie shares her inspiring journey with Movement group… When I first joined the clinic in January I was totally consumed by my eating disorder and in a constant state of anger, fear, panic and paranoia. In fact my emotions were so intense during this time that I now hardly remember individual days or groups … Read more My Journey Through Movement

Chrissy’s Creative Experience

Chrissy shares her thoughts as she leaves creative group… I feel really sad to be leaving creative group. Art therapy has been a part of my journey since I first started treatment a year and a half ago and it has helped me in countless ways. I began my recovery journey doing only one creative … Read more Chrissy’s Creative Experience

The Conflicting Faces of Mental Illness

Jemma sheds light on how there can be more going on than meets the eye with mental illness… The pictures above show some of my many expressions I show on a regular basis and have done for my entire life. You may look at them and see a happy, carefree, fun loving person. I can tell … Read more The Conflicting Faces of Mental Illness

Words from Mille 2

If you can’t remember how it feels, You can’t find it in a box, or in the sky or the sea.   It’s always hear, deep inside of you and me. It’s not finding, it was never lost, but drowned out, by belief.   Sit, listen, feel, and allow it to come out, and fill … Read more Words from Mille 2