Eating Disorders and Dramatherapy

The percentage of men suffering from eating disorders is dramatically raising in the last years. Recent reports from the Royal College of Practitioners in 2010 indicated a 66% rise of male hospital admissions, and the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence in 2015 estimates around 11% of those affected by an eating disorder are males. However, … Read more

Poem: Every Time You Fall Darling

Every Time You Fall Darling – by our lovely client, Mille Every time you fall my darling, remember the thousands of times you have fallen and risen, rising follows falling, so surely a fall is yet another door to new, to lessons, to understanding, it is yet another opportunity to witness your own strength and … Read more

How Do We Give Ourselves Permission To Eat After Years Of Restriction?

Our Nutritional Therapist shares tips on how to reclaim intuitive eating… Giving yourself the green light around food is a vital step to reaching intuitive eating enlightenment. And so exploring how this can be achieved is very important. It’s unlikely to be an overnight miracle, instead something we can work upon by tapping into our personal fears and … Read more