Seeing The World In Black And White

Our lovely client, Chrissy, discusses her journey from black and white to multicoloured thinking! Black and white thinking is something that’s haunted me for as long as I can remember before I went into treatment for my eating disorder. Of course, before I went into treatment I wasn’t aware of my black and white thinking- what … Read more

But What If I Really Don’t Feel Hungry?

Rachel is a Dietitian in London. Below, she discusses why you might not feel hunger at mealtimes, and how you can work to overcome it… The journey to eating intuitively and giving full permission to eat in recovery from an eating disorder is often a long and complicated path. Reconnecting and learning to listen to hunger … Read more

Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go

Nutritional Therapist, Belle, shares her tips on how to prepare for the festive season… She grimaced at the sound of Grandad arriving armed with presents, a large wedge of Stilton and a bottle of Baileys. It was the moment she’d been dreading since waking up that morning. It was Christmas day; a day which should be … Read more