Eating Disorders: All You Need Is Love?

This week we’re sharing one of Emmy’s articles for the Huffington Post. Read the original here. …I wanted to share my ideas about how we can help people to recover from eating disorders and why our unique approach is so successful. At The Recover Clinic we offer what we call a Whole Body Approach that basically means that when … Read more

Christina’s Story

It was October 2013, I lay in my single room of the maisonette I shared with one other girl in my final year at university surrounded by food wrappers. I pondered what my life had become. It is only upon reflection that I understand what a tiny world it is that I used to live. … Read more

Poem: The Ultimate Warrior

This poem and drawing was created by one of our clients, as a gift to another client… If there was a crown for your being, I’d honour you the warrior, For you are the warrior of warriors; The victorious monarch of courage so glorious, Standing tall when all falls, With nothing but your body in … Read more

Lovely Body Positive

Keeping inspired whilst recovering from an eating disorder is crucial. That little voice over your shoulder that whispers ‘you can do it’ needs to be constantly nourished with a drip feed of “lovely body positive” commentary. This phrase I’m using – Lovely Body Positive – is all the more powerful as it comes from one of … Read more

Poem: Set Me Free

By one of our lovely clients, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week Trapped and confused in this cycle of despair I’m trying to reach you but there’s nobody there So I sink deeper and deeper into the mist Shattered cries for help so often dismissed I want to get out and to smile and be free … Read more