On Healing…

Our client, Kirstin, talks honestly about what it’s like to truly heal yourself… It’s tempting to portray the process of healing as smooth and enjoyable – a universally positive experience. But from my experience, the reality is pretty far from that. It kinda sucks. Of course there are beautiful, even magical moments. There are turning … Read more

Keeping Your Recovery And Self-Care On Track During The Holidays

Our lovely client, Amber, shares her top tips for keeping your recovery on track over the festive period… Set boundaries You do not need to take part in everything and interact with everyone. Think about what you can do and what you can’t, and give yourself permission to say no to things you do not want to … Read more

What Is Normal Eating When You’re In Recovery From An Eating Disorder?

By our Nutritional Therapist, Marissa… During our Nutritional Therapy sessions at The Recover Clinic, we teach our clients that there is no precise practice, diet plan or fashion that can be called normal eating. No matter what glossy magazines or diet book or TV shows or parents or so-called-experts say, normal eating is not about fulfilling any … Read more