Meal Plans And Eating Disorder Recovery

Today our Nutritional Therapist, Marissa-Catherine Carrarini is answering our most frequently asked questions about meal plans and their place within the recovery journey as an eating disorder sufferer… What is a Meal Plan? A meal plan is a timetable of eating times with specific meals and snacks for each given time. It can be very … Read more

How To Start Accepting Your Body

Today there is so much emphasis on body positivity, self love and self gratitude which is amazing if you can do that but if you are experiencing feelings of self loathing and low self esteem, it really is a difficult task to make that leap from being in that place. It is necessary to start … Read more

How To Fight Eating Disorder Urges

Today our Arts Psychotherapist, Dafni Antonarou is sharing her advice for resisting the urge to binge or purge and challenging that unwell voice long-term… Our clients and social media followers often ask the difficult question of “how to resist eating disorder urges”. Although when you are in it, it can feel hopeless and unattainable, there … Read more