OCD Or Just Like Things A Certain Way?

Today we’re diving into the difference between actually having OCD and liking things a certain way or having common habits/behaviours. We’ll be looking at symptoms, signs, side effects and treatment to help you or a loved one get the help needed… What Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? OCD is a common mental health anxiety disorder … Read more

Understanding Mental Health, Mental Illness And Mental Disorders

There are many different mental illnesses which have different symptoms and impact differently on people’s lives. They can have an effect on your thoughts, emotions, physical wellness, behaviours and the way you interact with others. It is possible to have both poor mental health and a mental illness at the same time. Unfortunately, the illness … Read more

A Reminder That It’s Okay To Talk About Mental Health

Why talking is the key to breaking the stigma around mental health and mental illness, and helping people to get the help and support they need. Across the world, thousands of people suffering from Mental Health conditions are deprived of their Human Rights. Not only are they discriminated against, stigmatised and disregarded, they are also … Read more