Book Club: Stand Tall Little Girl

(Image Source)   Stand Tall Little Girl – Facing Up To Anorexia by Hope Virgo, is her personal journey of suffering from a life-threatening eating disorder, to not just recovery, but using her story to help others and inspire hope, through talks in hospitals, schools and businesses. (NB – as a fellow Hope myself, that … Read more

Book Club: The Life Diet

(Image Source) The Life Diet is a short guide to curating the core aspects of your life and mind; acting as a reminder to enforce boundaries and only give your energy to the things that hold real meaning for you. The fourth book by Laura Jane Williams, The Life Diet is an easy-to-consume ebook/audiobook broken down into … Read more

The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude is something which comes up a lot in recovery and something we talk about a lot in clinic. We’re strong believers in the link between practising gratitude and better mental health. Put simply, gratitude encourages us to be thankful for what and who we have; embracing the positive aspects of our lives (however small) … Read more

Why A Work Life Balance Matters To Mental Health And How To Improve Yours

Juggling going to work/school, giving your all to relationships and taking care of other responsibilities takes up a lot of our energy. Let alone doing anything else such as socialising, self-care, hobbies or going on holiday. But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt ourselves and from working with our clients, it’s that no matter what, … Read more