Book Club: Codependent No More

(Image Source) The theme of this book is learning how to take better care of ourselves. The link between alcoholism and co-dependency is reiterated consistently, which is a bit of a red herring for me. You do not have to be in a relationship with an alcoholic to be co-dependent or to benefit from improved … Read more

6 Tips For Using The Internet Healthily

Social media and the internet as a whole gets a bad rap for promoting and exasperating body image issues and eating disorders, and there’s no denying that some corners of the internet can be harmful rather than helpful. However, there’s an argument to say that the internet can be a useful, inspiring and healthy resource … Read more

Addressing Stigma With Eating Disorders

By our therapist, Jenna, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week   When I tell people that I work with eating disorders, I’m often taken aback by their responses.  Chatty cab drivers make comments about ‘vanity’, friends ask about how I can ‘cure’ someone from their ‘obsession’ with being thin, even clients question whether they are ‘deserving of … Read more