Why Creative Arts Is An Important Part Of The Therapy We Offer

Here, at the Recover Clinic, we view creativity as the antithesis of an eating disorder, anxiety, depression and a number of other mental health problems. Creative therapy helps you to connect with an authentic part of yourself, to express something unique to you and your experience in the world. Exploring your thoughts and feelings in … Read more

How To Respond To Yourself In Kindness

We could use lots of words to describe someone who is kind: considerate, giving, affectionate, altruistic, amicable, charitable, compassionate, friendly, humane, loving… the list goes on. It seems however that all of these words carry a different quality. Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between happiness and kindness. Kindness can be taught, … Read more

Book Club: The Little Book Of Self-Care

Self-care really needs simplifying doesn’t it? Self-care is for everybody and yet it can often feel elite. It should be simple and uncomplicated. Suzy Reading’s The Little Book of Self-care is both of these. It’s simply 30 practices to sooth the body and mind. I love Reading’s definition of self-care; “nourishment for the head, the … Read more