The Importance Of Friendships During Recovery

International Friendship Day provides a good opportunity to reflect on the friendships in our lives and how important they are. Humans possess an instinctive need to make friends and with good reason; friends can provide physical assistance and emotional support to improve health and well-being. Friendships become more important than ever when you are going … Read more

What Does Self Care Mean To You?

Young woman sitting on her couch with her white dog sniffing her palm

In honour of this year’s International Self Care Day, we asked our wonderful clients, team and Instagram community to tell us how they perceive self-care and incorporate it into their lives…   What does self-care mean to you? Beth: Taking time for yourself, saying no when you need to & doing things that nourish your … Read more

Book Club: How To Fail

(Image Source)   Having already devoured one of Elizabeth Day’s novels, The Party, I had incredibly high hopes for her first non-fiction book – How To Fail, part memoir, part self-help manual. Her skill to observe and dissect human behaviour was one of many reasons I adored The Party, and this skill is just as … Read more

What Recovery Means to Me

Freedom. Self-acceptance. Growth. When I think about recovery these three words speak volumes to me. I used to emphasise recovery heavily on weight restoration but now I realise this is just a side effect of healing trauma. Similarly, rebuilding a healthier relationship with food happens when you work through the pain that the eating disorder … Read more