Walking Through Recovery

Throughout my recovery journey, walking has been an activity that has allowed me to reconnect with my body and process my thoughts as I heal. Taking one step after another at a steady, consistent pace allows me to shift my focus towards how I am feeling in the moment and begin to take the practical … Read more

Recovering From Bulimia

Growing up there was always a tension in my relationship with food. At 12, I was living with patterns of disordered eating, cutting out food groups or excessively working out. It’s hard to look back and say all of my teen years & my early 20s I worried more about my weight than enjoying myself. … Read more

On Withdrawing From The World

Withdrawing from those around me and isolating myself from the world is one of the symptoms of my mental illnesses. When I was suffering from anorexia close to six years ago now, I withdrew into myself to the point where my partner hadn’t noticed how bad things had become and my Mum wasn’t aware until … Read more