About Us

The Recover Clinic was founded in 2004 by Psychotherapist, Emmy Brunner. Since then, we have supported thousands of clients and have achieved a sustained recovery success rate of over 90%. Through our internationally-available online recovery program, we help women aged sixteen and over to heal their trauma, shame, guilt, eating disorder(s), anxiety, depression, codependency, personality disorder(s), low self-esteem, relationships with themselves, others, alcohol, drugs, sex, food, money, technology, and other mental health conditions or destructive behaviours, cycles, and patterns.

We are passionate about treating our clients as people, not patients; looking beyond their symptoms and understanding who they are as an individual - their needs, their stories, their values and beliefs, their authentic selves, their passions, their purpose. We offer a compassionate and non-judgemental experience where we empower members of our community to gain strength, wellness, identity and independence. We are human beings first, clinicians second.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals also include fully recovered therapists, coaches and clinical support staff who can understand what you may be going through and are able to show you the way towards a more meaningful, freer future that is out there waiting for you.

Many of our clinicians are registered, certified and/or accredited with one or more of the organisations below. As we are a non-medical service, where appropriate, we liaise with psychiatrists, GPs, consultants and other healthcare professionals to provide our clients with the best level of treatment possible.

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Meet Our Team

Emmy Brunner

Founder & ceo
Emmy Brunner Recover Clinic CEO

Emmy is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Personal Empowerment and Transformation Coach, Author and Speaker with over 20 years experience in the business and clinical worlds.

Emmy has a Masters degree (MSc) in Psychotherapy, Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Psychodynamic Counselling - both from Goldsmiths University, a Bachelors Degree (BA Hons) in Psychotherapy from the University of Essex and a National Diploma in Hypnosis.

She founded The Recover Clinic in 2004 as a London-based outpatient clinic as she wanted to build a community that offered comprehensive treatment packages for the sufferers of trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and more. She dreamt of a holistic healing program that considered the ‘whole person’ — body, mind and spirit — including all elements of lifestyle. In 2020, The Recover Clinic introduced an online program to support clients during the pandemic and to make this transformative treatment model available to more people. Following its' success, in 2022, The Recover Clinic moved fully online, providing a therapy service to women all around the world that embodies and emphasises the therapeutic relationship and uses both conventional clinical treatment and alternative therapies. Emmy mentors and empowers her team to support clients to heal from the wounds of the past that are holding them back and presenting themselves as mental health conditions in their lives today.

A die-hard Bruce Springsteen fan, Emmy lives in Brighton with her husband, Thom and daughters, Dixie and River. She loves sushi, all things French, and has a penchant for hats. 

Visit emmybrunner.com to learn about Emmy's successful 8-week online program, From Lost to the River and her book, Find Your True Voice (available now from all major booksellers). You can also follow her on Instagram or join her free Facebook Group for more healing and self-development content.

Becky Burnett

Acting Head of Clinical Therapies
Becky Burnett

Becky is an HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered dramatherapist and is a full member of BADth (The British Association of Dramatherapists).

Dramatherapy is a type of psychological therapy that uses different creative mediums to encourage and support growth, healing, and transformation. Trained in the Sesame approach to dramatherapy, Becky underpins her practice with Jungian theory and provides a space for potential unconscious material to be realised and explored. At the core of Becky’s work is her client, she practices from a place of unconditional positive regard and strongly believes in meeting the person in front of her, not just the symptom.

Becky is currently training at the Tavistock and Portman in Systemic Family Therapy. Her work at the clinic has highlighted the importance of considering what might be going on in the wider context of the family in order to enable healing for the client.

During her free time Becky enjoys creative activities, searching for bargains in the many markets and charity shops of London, spending time with her friends and family, and dancing!

Marissa-Catherine Carrarini

Head of Nutritional Therapy
Marissa-Catherine Carrarini

Marissa-Catherine (BA Philosophy & Literature MA Literature) is a naturopathic nutritional therapist (graduating from CNM - College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008) with over ten years of experience of working in mental health and with eating disorders.

Marissa-Catherine blends a dietetic approach to eating disorder recovery with naturopathic skills and the desire to help every client be their true selves. Marissa-Catherine sees each client as a unique individual facing their own obstacles & challenges and strives to enable each client to be calm and confident to eat to their needs and tastes. She works in a kind & compassionate manner. She allows for humour, silence, and debate to be in the sessions and is willing to learn from every client she meets. She passionately believes in the value of nutritional education & lifestyle support to enable each client to be independent and to thrive.

Outside work, Marissa-Catherine has a young family and lives in central London. She loves: film, modernist literature & culture and is a passionate feminist and environmentalist.

Christina Calderwood

Clinical Treatment Advisor
Christina Calderwood

Christina is a certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and also qualified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

As a coach, her focus is to support, inspire and empower women as they navigate life's challenges. She is committed to creating a safe, welcoming space for clients so they feel truly cared for and guided through a partnership that prioritises their wellbeing and prepares them to thrive.

Christina understands the importance of harnessing self-care and developing a compassionate, nurturing relationship with oneself to heal and establish change and growth. She has been mentored by Emmy and is truly aligned with her beliefs that by developing a kinder relationship with yourself you are able to realise your full potential and truly transform the quality of your life.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys practicing Pilates & Yoga, loves Lego building with her son, spending time with friends & family and long walks with her dog, Winnie.

Lisa-Ann Jones

Clinical Liaison Manager
Lisa-Ann Jones

Lisa has a Masters degree (MA) in Health Psychology and extensive experience in psychotherapy services, specialising in the treatment of eating disorders and depression with adolescents. Through her practical and theory background, Lisa has been able to develop skills in different therapeutic modalities which she brings to her diverse role at the clinic.

In her personal time, Lisa continues to support and empower individuals with their mental health journeys, through her inspirational mental health blog, heartfelt poetry, and positive affirmation posts. She loves to bake and can often be found cooking up a storm in The Recover Clinic kitchen!



Eve is our Operations Manager and is responsible for ensuring everything in the clinic is running smoothly for our clients and staff team - a busy role that Eve thoroughly enjoys! Eve has over 7 years’ experience in Operations and Management roles with a background in Healthcare and Hospitality.

When Eve isn’t in our London Clinic, she is usually found gardening or riding her horse and walking her dog around her Cotswold farm home.

Kathrin Fischer

Operations Co-Ordinator
Kathrin Fischer

Kathrin Fischer is our Operations Co-Ordinator and they assist in the smooth running of our clinic. They have recently joined us and are deeply interested in learning what happens behind the scenes.

Kathrin has a research background with expertise in the field of International Politics, Disability, Development and Genocide studies. They have recently completed an Introduction to Counselling at the Minster Centre and intend to train as a psychotherapist.

Their favourite things in life include animals, music, reading, cycling, food and friends. They are a polyglot and you can talk to them in English, French, German and Dutch, and very soon in Hindi.


Bookkeeper & Accounts Administrator

As a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional, Siva has been meeting the accounting needs of The Recover Clinic. When she became a member of the clinic, Siva brought over ten years of experience in the accounting field.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and has a great passion for cooking. She also loves to listen to music.

Anja Frykegard

Integrative Psychotherapist
Anja Frykegard

Anja holds a BSc degree in Psychology with Addiction and a master’s degree in Psychotherapy. She is a registered member of the BACP - membership number: 389876.

Anja has a professional background in psychodynamic and relational psychotherapy. This involves looking beyond symptoms to identify patterns that underlie certain behaviours, feelings, and emotions that have become unmanageable. She believes exploring the relationships we have with those around us is key to understanding how we view ourselves.

Whilst studying the psychology of mental health and trauma, Anja was working as a meditation teacher and became interested in how stress affects the body and methods to alleviate it. She, therefore, combines the two, adding body awareness, breathing, and grounding techniques (stemming from Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness) to connect the mind with the body.

Anja works collaboratively with clients, remaining aware that each person’s experience is unique and will need a different approach depending on where they are in their recovery. Most importantly, she offers an empathic and professional approach in a non-judgemental space, ensuring that all clients feel safe to explore their concerns.

In her free time, she enjoys creative writing and reading, particularly to keep up with new research. Anja has an interest in languages and travelling. She also enjoys staying physically and mentally healthy with the help of yoga and meditation.

Isa Marin Garcia

Sex & Relationships Therapist
Isa Marin Garcia

Isa is a Psychologist with a Masters degree in Sexual Therapy, Sexual Counselling and Sexual Education.

When it comes to therapy, Isa is a person who really believes that people's wellbeing and happiness are possible and the key to reaching those goals is oneself. Her approach highlights the unique personal attributes of every client valuing each human being for what they are and reminding them about their power to live their life fully.

Isa has experience in the field of sexual counselling and education with couples, individuals and families. She has also participated in the educational field as a teaching assistant and later on, a sex educator in charge of sexual violence prevention programs and healthy relationships for the community.

She also works in mother and baby units supporting vulnerable women that have been in abusive relationships, assessing their parenting skills and helping them to achieve their potential.

Isa is currently undergoing training at Regent’s University taking the MA in Psychotherapy & Counselling as a means of furthering her therapeutic skills.

Sophia Meleagrou

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Bio coming soon!

Amruta Huddar


Bio coming soon!


Nutritional Therapist
Lucy Francis

Lucy is a Registered Nutritional Therapist (mBANT, rCNHC) and since gaining her professional registration, has undertaken additional training with the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and the National Centre for Eating Disorders in London.

Lucy has had diverse clinical experience working with individuals from supporting mental wellbeing and positive food-relationships, to gut disorders and skin health.

Lucy’s approach is person-centred and compassionate, recognising that each visitor to the Recover Clinic is entirely unique - she will meet you just where you are at in your nutrition journey. An aspect of her practice which she finds greatly rewarding is helping her clients discover a nourishing, maintainable and importantly enjoyable way of eating which addresses health and becomes a natural and relaxed part of life.

Outside of her work, Lucy enjoys getting into the countryside with her Pointer-Labrador dog for walks where she lives in Brighton & Hove (and swims!), practicing her new-found hobby for bouldering, and having a good dance around the kitchen whilst coming up with tasty, Mediterranean culinary creations!

Tabitha Roth

Nutritional Therapist

Tabitha is a Registered Nutritional Therapist (BSc Hons Nutritional Therapy) and member of BANT and CNHC, and holds a diploma from the National Centre for Eating Disorders, and is undertaking additional training at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

Tabitha’s approach is person-centered and compassionate, working collaboratively with clients with the understanding that everyone is unique, both in their physical body and in their experiences, and she works to help understand and determine what will create long-lasting change for each individual person.

Tabitha has experience in a broad spectrum of health concerns from hormone imbalance, autoimmune conditions, gut disorders, and holds a special interest in supporting disordered eating, anxiety, depression, and other areas where mental health affects our relationship with food and body.

In her free time, Tabitha enjoys reading, adding to her record collection, traveling, cooking for friends and family and taking long walks in nature.

Sabrina Nicoli

Clinical Support Worker
Sabrina Nicoli

Sabrina is a non-diet registered nutritionist associate (Association for Nutrition) having qualified with a first-class undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition and is currently pursuing a Masters degree (MSc) in eating disorders and clinical nutrition at UCL (University College London). She has extensive experience working supporting people on their journey towards intuitive eating, ditching diet culture, and feeling confident in their skin.

Sabrina was a competitive tennis player for over 13 years with her ultimate goal of becoming a professional tennis player. After an injury took her out of the competitive world earlier than expected, she faced her own mental health struggles. During her recovery, she found a new passion- helping others realise they are good enough exactly how they are! Sabrina believes in using a compassionate and empathic approach to help clients rediscover the joy of food in their journey towards food freedom and self-acceptance.

Outside her work, Sabrina uses social media platforms to support individuals to heal their relationship with food and themselves. She loves to go on walks, travel, and spend time with her French bulldog puppy!

Georgia Foster

Recovery Coach
Georgia Foster

Georgia has attained a first-class undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, and is currently undertaking training to become a Psychotherapist. Georgia has also worked in multiple professional environments, supporting individuals who have experienced trauma and issues related to their mental wellbeing.

At The Recover Clinic Georgia is a recovery coach who specialises in empowering women to uncover their highest potential and be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Georgia uses her compassionate and encouraging nature to motivate clients to nurture a more compassionate relationship with themselves and take positive action in areas of their lives they are not feeling happy or fulfilled in. She draws on her varied and extensive training and professional career to provide the most comprehensive and effective support possible.

In her spare time, Georgia enjoys cooking, meeting up with friends and family, going on hot holidays and discovering new music.

Chrissy Kapartis

Life Coach and
Recovery Mentor
Chrissy Kapartis

Chrissy is a Life Coach (trained at Animas Centre for Coaching) and Recovery Mentor. Prior to her coaching career, she trained as an actor for three years. She is currently at university reading for a BSc in Counselling and has plans to do a Masters in Psychotherapy.

Chrissy was a client herself at the Recover Clinic between 2015 and 2017. During her recovery, she became passionate about eating disorder recovery, self-love, body image and the effects of trauma. As a recovery coach, Chrissy hopes to help clients see that no matter what negative beliefs they hold about themselves, they have always been and will always be good enough, as well as helping them to live their lives authentically.

Outside of coaching (and acting), Chrissy is also a spoken word writer and performer. She loves going to the theatre, dancing, being in nature, cats, all things Disney and continually working on her own journey of growth and development.

Rebecca Viner

Marketing Lead

Rebecca has 14 years' experience in digital and content marketing, specialising in social media, blogging, email and community management. She has achieved multiple diplomas in business, design and marketing. She also holds a BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care (level 3) which includes counselling skills, complementary therapies, applied psychological perspectives + nutrition. For over 3 years, Rebecca worked as a Special Needs Teaching Assistant at a school for 11-18 year olds with severe complex needs where she trained in PROACT-SCIPr-UK® and worked with individuals with autism, Down's Syndrome, visual and hearing impairments, dysphagia, anaphylaxis + more.

Rebecca has created and executed strategies for brands across a variety of industries, with previous clients including the likes of Lucozade Ribena Suntory, SC Johnson Lifestyle Brands, John Lewis, Travelex and NiQuitin. Today she heads up marketing for both Emmy Brunner and The Recover Clinic as they work to redefine mental health treatment and promote holistic wellness.

Rebecca's favourite hobby is building LEGO - so much so, her collection has now filled an entire room in her home! She also enjoys swimming, walking her Pug and Pomeranian, reading, listening to podcasts, watching musical theatre and seeing Michael Bublé live (4x so far)!