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“After a long hard battle, I finally stumbled across clinic. For the first time that I was in treatment recovery was made out to be a gift as oppose to this scary thing that I should do…”
Tess from her client blog Learning to Love my Body Again

I am very grateful that we found The Recover Clinic. I think you apply an amazing approach, and I admire those who work at the Clinic because it is not easy to support these lovely, sensitive women. ”
Mother from London

“Nine months ago I started treatment at The Recover Clinic and I know it was one of the best decisions I ever made..Now that I’m not at war with myself it is so incredibly liberating to have peace and quiet in my mind, something I thought was unachievable for me. I was convinced my eating disorder was with me for life, but it’s gone. I’m finally free. Life is not fixed, it can be changed. I’m living proof and I intend to keep living.”
Jemma from her client blog Recovery Is Possible

“I cannot stress enough how much it has meant to be able to have someone to talk to (who is a specialist in the field), someone with whom to discuss our own particular situation and someone to be there on the receiving end of all our endless questions, and who is able to provide answers, help and guidance. This kind of help is invaluable at a time one needs it the most.”
Mother from Exeter

“After being in this group for over a year, I noticed that my empathic skills had developed to a point where I felt that I could continue to do this work more on the outside. It is such a powerful group that it really was what made me decide that clinic was the place where I would recover and that belief is still very much there.”
Tess from her client blog The Power of Psychodrama

“Thank you for all your support and encouragement, it’s nice to know that someone cares and it’s because of you that I have got this far.  Without meeting you I would never have gone to South Africa and I wouldn’t be in recovery now.”
Sarah from Lincoln

“The Recover Clinic has given me a life. A life of constant negative thought patterns is exhausting and isn’t living. They have enabled me to open my eyes to this amazing world in which we live now I am finally learning how to live it, my way.”
Christina from her client blog My Recovery Story

“Coming across Recover when I was in need was a godsend. The advice and recommendations for treatment received has completely changed my life and given me a new start. I can’t thank you enough for your help.”
Joris from London

“Every group I went to was different. Some days I was angry, some days sad and some days happy. But no matter what the feeling, it was explored without being approved or disapproved of. If someone felt anxious that was their feeling and that was explored with them. Above all, the groups taught me that our feelings are our responsibility, and no person’s feelings and thoughts are worthless – we all need and deserve to take space.”
Alex from her client blog How Does Group Therapy Work?

“Now, four months after starting at Recover, I feel one of the luckiest girls in the world to be a part of something so wonderful. To know you have Recover and all the people in it there for you, is one of the best feelings in the world.

“There is a strong community spirit at Recover, and everyone is made to feel welcomed and valued. Although it’s only been four months, it feels like I have known everyone at Recover for so much longer. When you feel you don’t believe in yourself, the belief that the others have in you, is sometimes what keeps you going.

“Each day I am grateful for being given the opportunity I have and being a part of something so precious. Through good times and bad times, everyone at Recover is there for each other. That you can count on.

“The work at Recover isn’t easy and there are many difficult times, but there are also many good times too, including smiles and laughter. Recover consists of girls of different ages, each sharing a part of themselves which connects everyone together. The bond and ties at Recover are strong and it’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of. […] We’re on a journey of discovering who we really are, through life, together.”
From client story – My First Experience of The Recover Clinic (Part 2)

“By the start of this year as my bingeing and purging had again spiralled out of control and my weight soared to a staggering 27 stone I resolved to look for help once more.  And that is when I stumbled across the Recover Clinic. For the first time, since starting treatment here, I have been able to slowly start to extricate myself from an illness I had thought I would never shake off.

“As I approach my 30th birthday I often wish I had found this place much sooner, but I am grateful that I did find it at all. I look forward to continuing to make progress here as I continue on the long and sometimes bumpy road to recovery, a journey I am finally taking thanks to the support of the therapists here at The Recover Clinic.”
From client story – Recovery So Far

“I was desperate for peace, for an escape, for someone to see what was really happening: that I was being eroded away by a monster inside my own head, a monster that would eventually take eight years of my life, countless friendships, birthdays, nights out, and relationships. The years that were meant to be some of the best times of my life.

“Eventually I found a place that would accept me and welcome me just as I was–broken and fearful–regardless of my weight, my BMI, or my calorie intake. They listened to me as a whole person and provided me with help, guidance, and unwavering support.

“The Recover Clinic showed me that what I had spent years searching for–a place, a person, a time, a weight, and a medicine–I would finally find inside myself. I would find the strength to be me and not only accept myself for who I am today but also like that person.”
From client story – For anyone looking to recover from an eating disorder

“I am a proud and grateful parent of Ellie, whose story is beautifully told in the video on the home page of this site.  I would like to add a family perspective on the experience of working through anorexia with Recover Clinic. Recover work as a team: although a wonderful, caring therapist was assigned to Ellie and stayed with her throughout her journey, building a genuine bond of friendship and support, I always felt that there was a managed program working towards the goal of complete recovery. This therapy requires financial investment, which can be daunting.  As the months passed with the inevitable ups and downs, I was sometimes tempted to try another approach but whenever frank discussions took place, Recover impressed with professional knowledge and commitment.  They were always open to challenge and justifiably confident in their experience. We have been very fortunate customers of The Recover Clinic.”
Ellie’s parent

“When I first came to recovery I thought I would just have to ‘fix’ my eating behaviours, little did I know, I would gain my life again.”
Vanessa from her client blog Returning to the Barre

“Recover’s remarkable 100% recovery rate (a statistic of which I am proud to be a part) is down to the following – Recover go above and beyond, in every aspect of their care. They provide a uniquely nurturing and secure environment, which, during my time at Recover, became not just my incubator, but my family. Their incredible support network was with me through every step of my recovery, achievement and challenge alike.

“Recover’s truly holistic approach to care addressed all of my needs – from the physical and emotional, to the spiritual and creative. This was done with the utmost respect for my personal comfort zone, and with constant good humour; the greatest surprise of my recovery was how much fun it was! Most remarkable, though, is that a full recovery was achieved in keeping with Recover’s unique ethos – “it’s not about the food”.

“Aside from my health, my time at Recover has seen me regain the truly invaluable – confidence, self-respect and compassion, and a deeply comfortable relationship with myself.”
From a client who will graduate shortly

“A dream career, flourishing relationships, incredible friendships, ability to take pleasure in even the smallest details of life – these are just some of the doors that my recovery has opened for me.

“The tools I have gained from Recover have gifted me with a burning zest for life, and a future that I truly know to be blazing bright. My gratitude and affection for Emmy, and the entire team at Recover, knows no bounds. They genuinely saved my life.”

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