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Unsure if you have an eating disorder?

You might have found us because you think there’s something not quite right about your eating habits, but you’re not sure if it can be called an eating disorder.

You know that most people, particularly women, have a love / hate relationship with food, a slightly distorted body image, and spend much of their lives dieting – so is your experience any different?

Take a look at the questions below. If you answer yes to any of them you may well have an eating disorder so please seek help immediately. To speak to one of our counsellors, give us a call on 0845 603 6530 today or send us a message.


Do you…

  • find your mood is affected dramatically by how much you weigh?
  • restrict the amount of food you’re eating?
  • lose control sometimes over how much you’re eating?
  • overspend on food or steal food?
  • ever make yourself sick after eating?
  • over-exercise in order to lose weight?
  • hear your friends and family voice concerns about your weight or eating habits?
  • obsess over calories and exactly what is in your food?
  • have thinning hair, worn dental enamel, hypoglycemia or osteoporosis?
  • use laxatives, diuretics or enemas to lose weight?
  • if a woman, no longer get your period?

Our team of experienced counsellors is here to help you.

We will offer advice and support, and help you understand why you feel the way you do.

We’ll guide you towards the right course of eating disorder treatment for you, whether that’s one-to-one counselling with one of our team, family or group therapy, or inpatient treatment at a residential eating disorders clinic.


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