Worried for a loved one?

If you’re worried that someone close to you is suffering from an eating disorder, get in touch don’t try to deal with it alone.

Take a look at the questions below and think about whether they apply to your loved one. If you believe they do, try to have a chat with them to see if they recognise that they need help.

It can be scary to bring up the subject – you may worry that they will reject you, and you’ll ruin the relationship you have with them – but recovery takes bravery and courage from both the person with the problem and those who care about them.

Is your loved one suffering from an eating disorder?

You’re unlikely to know the answers to all of these questions but if you say ‘yes’ to more than one, your loved one may well be suffering from an eating disorder and we encourage you to give us a call on 0845 603 6530  today to speak with one of our counsellors, or fill in our short contact form.

Do you find that your loved one…

  • is dramatically affected by how much they weigh?
  • restricts the amount of food they’re eating?
  • sometimes loses control over how much they’re eating?
  • overspends on food or even steals food?
  • sometimes makes themselves sick after eating?
  • over-exercises in order to lose weight?
  • obsesses over calories and exactly what is in their food?
  • has thinning hair, worn dental enamel, hypoglycemia or osteoporosis?
  • uses laxatives, diuretics or enemas to lose weight?
  • if a woman, has stopped getting her period?

Talk and break through the shame

Eating disorders thrive around the shame which holds their victims trapped within their illness. Those suffering often drift between wanting help, thinking that things ‘aren’t that serious’, and believing there isn’t a problem at all.

When someone with an eating disorder acknowledges that they have a problem and is ready to ask for support, we need to act fast and not miss what is often a small window of opportunity to help – for eating disorders are aggressive and sufferers need treatment as early as possible.

Find the right treatment

At The Recover Clinic, we tailor our eating disorder treatment programmes to the individual – we don’t just focus on the physical symptoms but treat the whole person: mind, body and soul.

We always start with an assessment and from there identify the services that we believe would work for your loved one and their recovery.

Next steps

Get support for you

Eating disorders affect the whole family, not just the sufferer. You need support to be strong for your loved one, and for your own health and wellbeing.

At The Recover Clinic we recognise this, and can help you find family counselling and parent & partner workshops to support you through this difficult time, and to give your loved one the best chance of making a full recovery…

“I cannot stress enough how much it has meant to be able to have someone to talk to (who is a specialist in the field), someone with whom to discuss our own particular situation and someone to be there on the receiving end of all our endless questions, and who is able to provide answers, help and guidance. This kind of help is invaluable at a time one needs it the most.”
Mother from Exeter

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To speak to one of our counsellors, give us a call on 0845 603 6530  today or you can fill in our contact form…


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