How To Start Accepting Your Body

Today there is so much emphasis on body positivity, self love and self gratitude which is amazing if you can do that but if you are experiencing feelings of self loathing and low self esteem, it really is a difficult task to make that leap from being in that place.

It is necessary to start from a point where we can manage our expectations and take things one step at a time. It may not be possible at first to have self love but maybe we can accept our bodies and our looks the way they are. This is more of an achievable goal.

Our bodies are often the biggest target of our critical inner voice so challenging that voice is key to accepting our bodies, after all, it is our home.

It is so easy to look in the mirror and say that we hate absolutely everything about our body. I am sure that is not true! For every negative thought you have, think of something positive to counteract it.

Having gratitude for your body, not just based on how it looks and how it physically feels, but thinking about what its other jobs are, can help you have gratitude for your physical self – you have the eyes to see, the ears to listen and your feet to walk around. Keep a journal and write down each day what your body did for you. When you see it all written down you will soon realise how important your body is and that it is a wonderful creation. Starting to have a sense of gratitude to who you are physically can be a really good way to building up to feeling much more positive about ourselves.

There is so much emphasis on physical looks as a way of validating ourselves and so many of us get drawn into looking outside of ourselves in order to feel better about who we are on the inside when actually, the reverse is how we really need to approach this.

Our bodies are a physical manifestation of how we feel internally so when we feel good on the inside we can look good on the outside.

Consider what the messages are that we are receiving culturally from society about how we should look and how we should be. Do you agree with that and do you believe that is how it should be? So many women don’t think that and don’t really aspire to those things but unconsciously they are working within the confines of those socially acceptable norms. Think about what it is you are really aspiring to. Think about whether you are emotionally invested in it because if you’re not, that can be a really good tool to starting to shift your focus from what you should or could be, to what might be possible internally to shift. Can you be more loving and nurturing to yourself and more accepting of how you are physically?





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