Creative Therapy

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At the Recover Clinic, we view creativity as the antithesis of an eating disorder. Creative therapy helps you to connect with an authentic part of yourself, to express something unique to you and your experience in the world. Exploring your thoughts and feelings in imagery can offer distance and a different perspective, fostering awareness.

An eating disorder can be thought about as an internal system of thoughts driving particular feelings and behavior. It can step in to mask painful experiences in your life, calling to you, causing you to withdraw from friends, family and things you used to enjoy. It cloaks your authentic self in layers of self doubt, criticizing you, chipping away at your choices, your thoughts, your decisions and beliefs, eating away at your soul until you’re a shadow of your former self. It dims your light and life, killing creativity.

A beautiful picture from one of our patients
A beautiful picture from one of our patients

Creative therapy can help you to reconnect with the ‘you’ under those layers, the part of you inside that hopes and wonders if your life could be different – the you without the eating disorder.

We are all born with an innate capacity for creativity. It helps us feel alive and connected to the world, to something bigger than ourselves. But it needs to be practiced to be a resource in your recovery.

But it’s not about painting a perfect picture – its about finding a way of expressing yourself in the world. It can start with noticing how a song makes you feel inside, noticing the colours in a sunset or choosing a new screensaver for your phone that makes you smile or perks you up. Anything that make heart sing!

Coming to the creative and arts groups can help change the way you think about yourself, your creativity and the world. You don’t have to be an artist, be able to draw well, or even be creative to benefit from this form of therapy.

By learning to recognize and nurture your inner creativity, you can learn to resolve fear and heal emotional scars, so that you feel empowered and can strengthen your sense of self-confidence that extends beyond recovering and into living the life you want.

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