Poem: The Day I Started Connecting Again

Thank you to lovely Jen for sharing these beautiful words about her recovery…

Red had never been so vibrant. 

Blue so calm.

How hadn’t I noticed the different shades of colour that I was surrounded by?

Each particle so unique and beautiful in its own way.

The lights hung by coloured string, danced into my eyes. Hitting my core. Sparkle. Excitement.

Coffee had never tasted so good. Layers of flavour. Intensity. 

Each sip delivering an internal comfort.

Gravity acts. I allow my body to just be. Falling fully in to the worn chair – Holding and supporting me. 

Voices and sounds vibrating through my whole being like ripples of water.

Breath deep. Calm. Still. At peace.

Eye contact noticed. 

Smiles returned with thanks and gratitude.

I’m sat here. Body tingling. Tears brewing. Beaming.

I’m alive 

-The day I started connecting again.


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