Letter: Dear Body

One of our lovely clients writes a letter to her body… #SOproud

Wow what a journey we have been on. As we move into this next chapter together I feel I owe you an apology.

I am so sorry for the way I have treated you. For forcing you to conform.

To twist.

To starve.

To shrink.

To conform to society’s messed up beauty standards.

I’m sorry for the years of blame, for hurting you, for letting you carry so much anger, hatred and pain.

How dare I try to burn you to the ground when all you did was love me. House my soul and try to keep my heart beating when I was hell bent on doing the opposite.

Thank you. Thank you so much for holding on. For tolerating the abuse, for comforting my pain and drying my tears. I hear you now.

I’m back with you.

I promise never to put you through that again. I promise to listen to yours needs, your desires and I promise to trust you.

I vow to never again define your worth based on a stupid and significant number or a clothing size. I know you are more than that.

So much more.

You are living, breathing and growing.

You are supporting, thriving and learning.

I have learnt the past 6 months we are not two separate beings but rather one.

One incredible force of stardust, full of wonder. Rivers of flowing jewels. Caves and crevasses full of untouched diamonds, emeralds. Infinite possibilities.

So as we move forward as one, together. We stand strong. I will remind myself of this daily.

We are enough. 

And together we are Unstoppable. 

” If you are acting like a sheep,

Do not blame the Shepard.

You cannot herd lions.

Wake up and roar.

And you are free ” – Papaji


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