Eating Disorder Awareness Week

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One in ten people in the UK will experience symptoms of an eating disorder at some point during their lifetime.


Eating Disorder Awareness Week takes place 23rd February -1st March and this gives us an opportunity to talk about eating disorders to increase awareness and understanding.

[pullquote cite=”” type=”right”]Food issues are a symptom – emotions are the cause [/pullquote]


This year we are using this opportunity to tackle the misconception that eating disorders are ‘all about the food’. You may think that as soon as a person starts eating normally, they have recovered from their eating disorder. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. An eating disorder is an expression of pain, and it is only when we address this pain, that the path to recovery can be revealed.


Therefore, at Recover, we take a holistic approach to eating disorder recovery and we treat the whole person, as displayed by our wide array of group therapy sessions. This week we will be posting a new blog each day, offering advice and information about eating disorders to help reduce the stigma surrounding it.


Most importantly, this week, we want to spread the message that full recovery from an eating disorder is always possible.


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