‘Endings’ are very much a part of a therapists work. Throughout our training, we learn how to facilitate ‘good enough’ endings for our clients. We look at attachment theories, loss, abandonment and grief. We spend hours in therapy ourselves processing our experiences of being left, and leaving, to ensure that these do not ‘come out’ sideways and have a negative impact on our clients.


My ‘endings’ at the clinic have also been thought about, prepared for and planned but, in spite of this, I underestimated how hard it would be to actually leave Recover.


The clients have responded to my leaving in different ways. It is hard to be the cause of tears, however, these tears are significant too. They imply a depth of relationship and care which is so much a part of the relational focus of the clinic and very much a part of who I am as a therapist. I will not forget some of the words spoken or written about my role in their journeys.


As I say goodbye this week, I find myself wondering where these journeys will lead and how long it will take for each one to find their own sense of value and purpose as women. I wonder if my clients realize how much they have inspired me and hope they know that, albeit in a different way, they too have become a part of my journey.


I am so grateful for their trust and bravery in the face of the often very difficult recovery process. It is hard to leave some unfinished ‘stories’ but I am secure in the faith that our work together will go beyond our time. It has been a privilege to walk alongside both the staff and the clients over the last few years at Recover. I will miss being a part of the team.

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