Every time you fall darling

Mille’s Poem

Every time you fall my darling, remember the thousands of times you have fallen and risen, rising follows falling, so surely a fall is yet another door to new, to lessons, to understanding, it is yet another opportunity to witness your own strength and courage, and all of all faith, faith in the soul, in the body, in the wisdom, and in the gift of knowledge – deeper knowledge of the self and the needs that before may have passed by unseen- seek them, for they, will guide you- to richer land, warmer hearts, joy and peace.

You are not falling my love, you are being shown your strength to rise, beyond your own beliefs.

Look around you, breathe in the fresh air of change- it is there to show you the beauty of your potential, and your true self.

Be patient my love, time is the journey- the goal, is in the journey- it is to simply watch, observe, feel, see- understand, who you can truly be- if only you could just be- how magnificent a state. The future lies in the present and the present is yours. So be curious, be gentle and be playful-

You never know what is about to unfold- let go of the hold, of your ideas and beliefs- for they are but blinders of the truth- your unique truth. Relish in flow, respond with gentleness, understanding and gratitude,

Thank you God for this chance to rise.

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