Extending Kindness & Expressing Gratitude

Many of those struggling with eating disorders are plagued by negative thoughts drawing attention away from the positive aspects of their lives. It’s easy for an onlooker to say ‘think positive’ but achieving this may seem more difficult. Extending kindness and expressing gratitude should be part of our daily to-do list. Embodying an attitude of gratitude and being compassionate to others can help you train your brain to break the negativity cycle.


Cultivating an attitude of compassion and gratitude helps you appreciate what you have already in your life. By focusing on the positive and what you are grateful for, you are slowly tapping into a way of changing your attitude from negative to positive. This can take your focus away from feelings of deprivation lack and bring you a deeper sense of happiness and contentment.


Through being compassionate to others your ability for empathy increases too. Selfless acts not only make someone else feel better but also will make you feel good. The more empathy you have, the better you can know yourself and other people. Thinking about other people helps to develop relationships and through the nurturing of social relationships comes the feeling of connection, meaning and reduced isolation.


Look around you – what do you have to be grateful for? Everyday aim to write 5 things in which you are grateful for. There are no correct answers, whatever you feel thankful for can vary tremendously from ‘I have people in my life that appreciated me today’ to ‘the sky is a beautiful colour today’… and that’s ok.


It is easier to build the positive than get rid of the negative. Exercising kindness and gratitude is part of developing the capacity to tame the critic, it empowers and supports your well voice and enables you to feel great, hopeful and happy.

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